A-Live and Lucky - Live DVD

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KB Band DVD Front.jpg

A-Live and Lucky - Live DVD


'A-Live & Lucky'   DVD A

Filmed and recorded live at The Warehouse Recording Co. venue In Harrogate, UK.

15 tracks, featuring songs from both currently released albums, as well as 4 previously un-released tracks.

The DVD's will be Signed by Kris.

Track Listing

  1. In Too Deep
  2. I Got Time
  3. Can't Help You Now
  4. Red house
  5. Hail Mary
  6. Propane
  7. Too Dumb To Care
  8. Stitch Me Up
  9. Kick me Down
  10. Heart On Your Sleeve
  11. I'm Gone
  12. Watching Over Me
  13. Rock 'n' Roll Running Through My Veins
  14. All Along the Watchtower
  15. Crank Up


Kris Barras - Vocals/Guitar

Will Beavis - Drums

Huw Weston - Keys/Vocals

Elliot Blackler - Bass/Vocals

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